Direct Care Membership

Direct Family Care is a medical payment model where the patient pays a recurring monthly fee for personalized medical services which is designed to keep your family healthy and happy. The membership is an investment in your health. When you get sick it should not cost you more!

Our direct care practice does not accept insurance. The monthly fee typically covers most of the services that the physician provides in their office. Patients are still able to use their insurance for specialist visits, outside testing, labs, and hospital stays. We still recommend keeping some form of health insurance coverage or a health share for emergency visits and more specialty care if needed.

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Office Visits

Visits when you need them without copays. Extended visits. House calls and worksite/school visits at an additional charge within reasonable distance. Includes telemedicine visits.  We're here for you after hours, weekends, and holidays. You will have direct contact with your physician when you need it.


Procedures are included but a materials fee will be charged at a discount: simple procedures such as wound suturing, freezing skin lesions, ear wax removal, etc.

Holistic Care

  • Free Health book library check in and out of books. 

  • Education classes included, educational newsletter.

  • Yoga, breathing, stretching, workshop classes discounted.

  • Discounts on treatment with IV nutritional therapy when available, infrared sauna, red light / infrared light therapy (Joovy light). 

Testing and Labs

We offer member discounts on supplements, labwork, special tests, genetic testing.  We partner with a number of labs for special testing including mold testing, MTHFR mutations, GI microbiome mapping, heavy metals testing, hair analysis during our integrative and functional medicine consultations.

Physicals & Check Ups

  • Annual Wellness and/or Complete Physicals

  • All Well Child Exams

  • Sports and or Driver's Physicals

  • All Sick Visits or medical questions

  • Medicine Checks for Chronic Illnesses

Osteopathic Medicine

Discounted osteopathic hands on treatments, cranial osteopathy, pain and mobility relief. Free for infants to 12 months of age. Go to our Osteopathic Medicine page to learn more.

What's Included with the Monthly Membership

A true holistic family practitioner that is happy and there when you need him.  We see infants, children, and adults.  Geriatric care.  Chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc).  Mental health.  Urgent care.  Sports Medicine.  Integrative and holistic care with recommendations for vitamins, herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, osteopathic assessment, and special testing.

Office visits with the provider that knows you.

With same and next-day availability for acute issues.

Extended time with the doctor.

30 to 90-minute appointments. Medicine should be more about wellness, not just illness.

Home, school, other location visits within reason.

Home alone with three crying little ones?

Feel unwell and don't feel like leaving home? We will discuss if telemedicine or a home visit is needed.

​We don't have an answering service.

Day or night, you'll talk to the doctor that knows you. Direct email, messaging, texting.

After hours care if you need it!

Saving you time, hassle, and expenses of urgent care visits.

​Monthly newsletter, educational classes, workshops, connection to a holistic health community.

Pricing and Fees Page

If you're ready to become a member

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