Integrative and Functional Medicine

What is Integrative And Function Medicine?

A holistic approach to health is focusing on the root cause of illness. This approach requires a physician that is skilled in asking the right questions, curious, and compassionate. Dr. Michael Blahut, DO is using the right approach.

Many patients often see many other practitioners before ever finding an integrative physician who will spend more time uncovering their health and setting up a practical and functional plan for healing.

What is included in an Integrative Medicine approach?

The root cause of illness may be easy to identify but difficult to change. Dr. Michael Blahut, DO will set specific and obtainable goals towards healing. We always discuss the foundations of health which need to be in place as the soil which health and healing grows from. We always consider the whole person in our approach, body, mind, and spirit. Remembering each person is a unique manifestation of their past history of traumas, injuries, relationships, diet, movement, thoughts and feelings.

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What conditions are commonly treated with integrative and functional medicine?

Dr. Blahut helps identify and treat often overlooked subtle influences on our health such as:

  • Mold and metals toxicity
  • Genetic polymorphisms and mutations such as MTHFR / COMT SNPs
  • Autism and Adverse childhood events (ACEs)
  • PANDAS / PANS for children
  • SIBO / Gut dysbiosis
  • Food intolerance and allergies
  • EMF Sensitivities
  • Lyme and other chronic tick borne illness
  • Chronic stress and emotional stressors

What does an Integrative Medicine treatment plan look like?

Treatment is often focused on first going after the low hanging fruit, simple yet powerful changes. Then we build up the health foundations to create resilience no matter what the disease. We have functional and integrative testing available to dive deeper into the root cause of issues, which are often overlooked in common labs and bloodwork.

We often focus on lifestyle changes with great discussion on food as medicine, movement, mindfulness, stress relief. Then we may add on nutraceuticals, supplements, homeopathic remedies, or herbs to assist the body in moving to health. Medications may be prescribed.

We have the ability to customize your treatment with IV vitamin nutrition and Peptide therapies in office.

Holistic Family Care Integrative Medicine Dr. Michael Blahut, DO

What are common integrative and functional medicine therapies?

We can use light as medicine, breath, color therapy, nature therapy, animal therapy, forest baths, hot and cold therapy, sound vibration therapy, all which have well studied and potent effects on the biochemical pathways, immune system, neurotransmitters, and central nervous system. Medical Marijuana is also considered with IV nutrition and Peptide therapy.

Dr. Blahut doesn’t believe in a one size fit’s all approach. He also believes in sustainable medicine, where taking 20-30 supplements or medications daily may not be the best approach for most patients. We are weary of trading one type of pill for another.  Medicine should be our life and how we approach it, and many therapies are free!

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